Sunday, November 9, 2014


Twice in Carranglan.

The first is for Bro. Darwin Pastor to test the route that was intended to conclude at Aloha Falls but ended in Digdig anyway, while the second saw all competing 373 Bikers finishing with five of them taking Top Ten honors in the 1st Kadanglaan Mountain Terrain Bike Invitational.

There was Cuyapo too and a homage to Katabay and the Lodge named after him.

At the end of the month, too little biking resulted into too sweet blood as FBS levels shoot up during Model Court No. 55's monthly pricking session.  

There will always be next month, the bikers murmured, when the weather will be rainless but cooler.

That they promised, and that alone required a celebration.

Saturday, November 8, 2014


With the Very Worshipful District Deputy Grand Master Jerome Malaca presiding, subordinate Lodges of Masonic District RIII-D trooped to the Talavera Lodge No. 273 Masonic Temple for the Annual District Convention to hear from the District and elect their preference to be the next District Deputy Grand Master.

All 18 subordinate Lodges also submitted their reports during which two of them --- Bro. Emil Matias of the Mario S. Gracia Memorial Lodge No. 306 and Bro. Shubert Ciencia in behalf of the brethren of Model Lodge No. 373 --- were asked to make a powerpoint-assisted presentation of their respective interim reports.

And for the second time of this year, District Treasurer Rey Samonte reported that there are no past due accounts from all the 18 subordinate Lodges to which the delegates responded with a loud applause that was more of a testament to the District Deputy Grand Master's extraordinary leadership than the report being a rare phenomenon.

The votes were cast afterwards and followed by the low whispers outside the Temple Hall on who has the inside track of becoming the District's Top Gun next year...  

Saturday, November 1, 2014


The Lodge-in-construction got a good cleaning...

...and 50 mahogany saplings were planted.

That in a nutshell was what transpired when members of the Lodge with Model Court No. 55 of the Order of the Amaranth commemorated the 7th year of Model Lodge No. 373's institution.

That was the fact established as District Deputy Grand Master Jerome Malaca delivered his message as the occasion's special guess of honor --- that the Lodge was instituted on 31 October 2007 at Cabanatuan Lodge No. 53 by then Grand Master Jaime Gonzales which makes 2014 as its 7th institution anniversary year, and that what was celebrated during last May's third edition of the "Takbo para sa Bahay ni Kuya" fun run was the 6th year of its constitution as a regular Lodge on 17 May 2008 during the incumbency of Grand Master Pacifico Aniag.

And to commemorate that historic occasion of 7 years ago, those who made it happened planted what will be known as the "Remembrance Tree" --- Bro. Monico Delgado who is the acknowledged father of Model Lodge No. 373, Bro. Arnel Landingin who as Master of Talavera Lodge No. 273 gave the required endorsement, Bro. Emil Andrew Dela Rosa who as the District Deputy Grand Master then gave his total support, and Bro. Prudencio Elegado who was Model Lodge's first Master.

To all those who made Brother Monico's "Dream Lodge" come true, the brethren of Model Lodge No. 373 together with the Honored Ladies of Model Court No. 55 and the officers of Masonic District RIII-D present extend their most sincere gratitude and warmest regards...

Sunday, October 26, 2014


That is at least in the Masons Category where the champion's trophy was effortlessly taken by triathlete par excellence Bro. Raymond Flores of Sta. Rosa Lodge No. 297.

And then there's the 373 Bikers who nailed five of the Top 10 places in the same category led by the District Deputy Grand Master himself, Bro. Jerome Malaca of General Llanera Lodge No. 168, who placed 4th which could have been a podium finish if not for two nasty spills in the treacherous downhill turns of the Carranglan mountain biking trail.

Three riders from Model Lodge No. 373 followed the DDGM with Bro. Darwin Pastor landing in 5th place, Bro. Don King Barcelo finishing 7th, and Bro. Shubert Ciencia snaring 8th place while Bro. Rhomel Martinez of Pantabangan-Bonari Lodge No. 203 came in 10th.

Two more riders from the 373 Bikers --- Bros. Rey Martin and Anthony Reyes --- finished the 32-kilometer tough-as-nail technical cross country terrain which featured several uphill climbs along eroded mountain trails, a long stretch of a really rough and rugged barangay road, and a final lung-busting Category 3 ascent before the finish line.

The Mountain Terrain Bike Invitational was organized for the first time by Kadanglaan Lodge No. 392 of Masonic District RIII-F.       

Sunday, October 5, 2014


For the fifth month in a row, the brethren of the Lodge got pricked by the sisters of Model Court No. 55 of the Order of the Amaranth.

Generally, the blood pressure levels were normal but the Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) results were alarmingly high.

That may be because there's more calorie intake...

...than burning calories.

This despite the efforts of Bros. Don King Barcelo and Anthony Reyes who placed 5th and 17th, respectively, in the Executive Category of the PNP's "Padyakan sa Region 3" bike race.  

So the 373 Bikers were back on the road the next day.

September is a dud so more road trips are being planned for October.

Hopefully, the FBS count will go back to normal by November.