Monday, August 18, 2014


There were never winners and losers in this tournament.

All 17 teams who competed are champions.

There was indeed the usual cheering and occasional heckling but all in the spirit of fun and friendship.

After all, the Bowling Games was conceived to strengthen the fraternal ties that binds the subordinate Lodges of Masonic District RIII-D tightly together.

Thus was every team a champion, including Team 373 who engaged in a Class D championship knockout match with the combined forces of Team 262/404, the team's Cabanatuan Squad leading the charge, losing by a whisker, slugging it out with Team 73 for runner-up honors, and losing that one too.

In the end, every team got a trophy, including Team 373 who placed last among the 17 teams but won big with its biggest team ever to the games, the most active participation of the members' spouses through Model Court No. 55 of the Order of the Amaranth, and the fact that every team member played although many held a bowling ball for only the first time in their lives. 

In the conclusion of a successful bowling season, Team 373 raises a tall glass to every team it lost to, a taller glass to the two teams it was able to go through, and the tallest glass to District Deputy Grand Master Bro. Jerome Malaca and the District officers who made it all possible.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Another lose to Team 53 before a win [finally] against Team 203 has sealed Team 373's fate.

It will compete for the champion's trophy in the familiar conditions of the Class D category with equally familiar opponents.

Hurray for Team 373 and a photo ops with Grand Master and PNP Chief Bro. Allan Purisima!

Hurray for Model Court No. 55 (Order of the Amaranth) who were always there for Team 373!

And hurray for the beer served by those nice ladies from Manila Beer! 

PHOTO CREDIT: Bro. Jojit Floro

Monday, August 11, 2014


No tickets were sold and there was actually no champion's cup. 

After all, it was strictly a "by invitation" tournament among brothers and close friends organized by the Lodge to raise funds for the continuing construction of its Masonic temple. 

The Lodge is thankful to all the sponsors who supported the 3rd edition of its Temple Cup golf tournament, and to Bros. Eduardo Sayco and Amidon Nicolas who made it possible. 

And that's the story why several gentlemen braved the high noon sun at the Capitol Hills Golf and Country Club to confront all 18 holes of the golf course. 

Later after the post-tournament reception at Gerry's Grill as the whiskey bottles were opened, the sponsors lined up and filled Model Lodge's cup with their generosity.

Meanwhile 113 kilometers away at the Manrio Bowling Lanes where most of the Lodge's members stayed for Day 3 of the District Bowling Tournament, the remaining raffle tickets sold like there is no tomorrow.

District Deputy Grand Master Jerome Malaca picked the winning ticket and made one brother a happy owner of a brand new Acer Aspire Switch 10 lap top.

Back in Quezon City, the Lodge team to the golf tournament emptied their whiskey glasses and said their good byes.

Those at the bowling tournament in Cabanatuan City finished their last pizza and beer.

They all slept late that night but with the happy reassurance that the Temple works will continue, and that they might actually move into their new home within the year... 

PHOTO CREDITS: Bros. Shubert Ciencia and Jojit Floro

Monday, August 4, 2014


First is a crushing defeat from perennial Class A contender Team 297.

Then a closer but another losing contest from one-time Class A champion Team 228.

And a final send-off from Team 263 who is also of the Class A genre.

But perennial Class D dweller Team 373 --- anchored this time by its CLSU-Munoz Squad ---don't mind at all as Day 2 of the 2014 Bowling Games concluded with 3 straight losses.

After all, everybody was able to play although it was the first bowling experience for most members of the team.

And it helps that the Lodge's Temple Builders was able to bring home 2 wins [and 2 loses too] against Bro. Virgilio Santos's Team Forty at the Acropolis Basketball Gym in Cabanatuan City earlier in the day.

Add to that the sumptuous lunch tendered by District Deputy Grand Master Bro. Jerome Malaca for the incumbent Masters of all Lodges within Masonic District RIII-D before the 2014 Bowling Games resumed.

Overall, it was a good day...

Sunday, August 3, 2014


For the 3rd straight month, blood was spilled at the Lodge's temporary Masonic Temple.

But not on the ground or anywhere else, but on cotton balls prepared by sisters from the Order of the Amaranth's Model Court No. 55 as the brethren lined up to have their fingers pricked and their fasting blood sugar levels measured and recorded.

And their blood pressures too!

It seems that all is still well because after the testing and the stated meeting, this is what happened:

But for a good reason [maybe] as the brethren toasted the election of a candidate's petition after four long years of trying.