Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The Lodge's Executive Committee (Execom) was first organized in 2014 during the incumbency of Bro. Shubert Ciencia as Master to oversee the Lodge's labors in between its regular meetings.

The Execom is composed of the Master, the Senior and Junior Wardens, the Secretary and the Treasurer, and the Auditor which was again convened by the incumbent Master, Bro. Jojit Floro, mainly to prepare the monthly Lodge reports.

March Meeting Top Lines

Since 2015, the Honored Ladies of Model Court No. 55 of the Order of the Amaranth has been conducting Fasting Blood Sugar tests for the brethren of the Lodge which is a pet project of Royal Matron Jocelyn Villanueva.

On her last month of incumbency after a two-year term as Royal Matron, Ate Joy and her team conducted what will be the last of such under her supervision of which the brethren of Model Lodge owe their grateful appreciation.

After the Lodge's March meeting, the Lodge's 373 Temple Builders basketball team unveiled its new uniform and announced its readiness to engage in friendly games with other Lodges.

District Installation Rites

As the first quarter of the year unwinds, the last public installation rites in Masonic District RIII-D were held: Zaragoza Lodge No. 263 on March 5, Factoria Lodge No. 311 on March 18, Manuel L. Quezon Memorial Lodge No. 262 on March 12, San Leonardo Lodge No. 386 on 19, and Kapatiran Lodge No. 228 on the last week of March.

Scottish and Amaranth Days

The month of March also announced the start of the installation rites of Courts under the the jurisdiction of District 5 of the Order of the Amaranth.

That of Nueva Ecija Court No. 31 was held on March 18 with Model Court No. 55 registering the biggest number of delegation, particularly among the Sir Knights present, including the Master of the Lodge in his capacity as the District Deputy Grand Royal Patron who traveled all the from from the Grand Lodge of the Philippines with the Lodge Secretary and Treasurer where they submitted the final requirements for ANCOM 2016 accreditation.

Next is that of the Munoz Royal Court No. 17 on March 19 that was preluded by the 373 Bikers competing in the First Guimba MTB Fun Ride and a sumptuous fiesta lunch hosted by Royal Matron Jocelyn Villanueva.

And as March closed, the Lodge celebrated another milestone with the installation of Bro. Val Santos as the 35th Venerable Master of the Munoz Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites.

Monday, February 29, 2016


On his first regular stated meeting, Bro. Jojit Floro as Master of the Lodge presented his proposed Work and Financial Plan for 2016 that was ratified for implementation by members of the Lodge.

The broad strokes of the plan was collectively prepared by the Lodge Transition Team at its concluding meeting and cover activities related to the Lodge's continuing Temple building work (i.e. completion of the Lodge window panes and ceiling), fund raising events (i.e. the annual editions of the "Takbo para sa Bahay ni Kuya" fun run and "Temple Cup" golf tournament), traditional Lodge activities (i.e. "Operation Tuli", the Adopt-a-School project), revival of the 373 Bikers and the Temple Builders basketball, and expected District activities. The plan will be implemented with a budget of P487,372.00.

The financial plan was further refined and fleshed by the Lodge's Executive Committee before it was presented and approved by the brethren.

As February unfolded and after its maiden grudge match with Team Pantabangan-Bonari, the Lodge's Temple Builders resumed its friendly basketball match with the Cabanatuan City-based Team Forty, wrapping up two games within one month with Team Forty prevailing in each.

Then there were the installation rites of fellow subordinate Lodges of Masonic District RIII-D --- AR Lamson Memorial Lodge No. 290 on February 5, Nueva Ecija Lodge No. 73 on February 6, MS Garcia Memorial Lodge No. 306 on February 12, Pantabangan-Bonari Lodge No. 203 on February 13, Kapitan Pepe Lodge No. 293 n February 19, Palayan City Lodge No. 331 on February 20, and Sta. Rosa Lodge No. 297 on February 27 --- that were all attended by the Lodge's delegation.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


On a cool afternoon of the second Saturday of January, Bro. Jojit Floro assumed the mantle of leadership and responsibility of steering the Lodge through 2016 after being installed as the 9th Master of Model Lodge No. 373 by no less than Past Grand Master Danilo Angeles.

The installation of the Lodge's officers for Masonic Year 2916 was witnessed by representatives of the 17 other Lodges under the jurisdiction of Masonic District RIII-D, by members of the Order of the Amaranth where Brother Jojit is the incumbent District Deputy Grand Royal Patron, and of the Munoz Bodies of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rites where he is affiliated.

A basketball enthusiast, Brother Jojit has in fact prepped up for the installation day by rousing the 373 Temple Builders from a year-long hiatus for a marathon 3-set basketball game with Team Bacal 2.

And immediately after his installation, Kuya Jojit led the 373 Temple Builders in its first serious competition in a long while --- a friendly game against Team Pantabangan-Bonari which they beat for the second time, 65 to 59.

Kuya Jojit is also a biker and despite of his not being present, a team from the 373 Bikers paid homage to his ascension to the East by competing and finishing in the 35-kilometer Quezon Centennial Ride.

One policy Kuya Jojit laid down as Master of the Lodge is to attend all the installation rites of subordinate Lodges under Masonic District RIII-D in the spirit of solidarity, and led the Lodge delegation to the installation rites of Cabanatuan Lodge No. 53, Talavera Lodge No. 273, General Llanera Lodge No. 168, and Aliaga Lodge No. 404 that were all scheduled in the month of January.

He also supervised the transition process from his predecessor to ensure an orderly turn-over of responsibilities from the Lodge's previous leadership to the current one.

And there were the Fellowship Nights and even if he does not drink, Kuya Jojit made sure that each brother's birthday is remembered and celebrated, more for strengthening the cement that binds a band of brothers rather than for simply enjoying the wine of joy.

Thursday, December 31, 2015


Elected Officers for MY 2016

Master of the Lodge

Senior Warden

Junior Warden




And in recognition of their proficiency on Masonic floorworks, the incoming "Three Lights" Lodge 373 were exempted from the District's annual proficiency practical exam that was held at the Masonic Temple of Pantabangan-Bonari Lodge No. 203 after the traditional commemoration of Bro. Jose P. Rizal's 119th year of martyrdom that was held for the first in Rizal, Nueva Ecija.

Monday, November 30, 2015


In the end, it was Lodge 373 who was tasked to represent Masonic District RIII-D in the Central Luzon Ritual Olympics during the Central Luzon Multi-District Convention in Subic, Zambales.

The Lodge lost by the minutest hairline to eventually place second again, a bit of a disappointment but a solid affirmation of its name and what Model Lodge No. 373 stands for.

November is indeed a month of "near misses" that led to more "2nd place finishes" with the White Team of Cabanatuan Lodge No. 53, Nueva Ecija Lodge No. 73, Talavera Lodge No. 273, and Model Lodge No. 373 finishing second overall in the District Ladies of Mason Bowling Tournament...

...and the Model Court No. 55 getting second place overall during the District Sportsfest of the Order of the Amaranth.

But really, it's not the color of the medals that counts but how the games were played.